A bunch of random reblogged posts

A bunch of random reblogged posts

Okay last night was the best night of my life ever.

House of Heroes, Mike Herrera, (I spelled his name right, right?) and Five Iron Frenzy.

It started out kinda sucky because we got there late and HoH was playing my favorite song by them as we were walking up so I didn’t get to see it,

But THEN! I went to the merch table and they has this really awesome shirt and I was so lucky I got the last one!

And then Mike Herrera came on and he was really boring at first but then he started talking about the old fans and the new fans and how it’s been like ten years since Five Iron Frenzy came here and he said “how many of you were in diapers last time they came?” And he pointed to me and said “YOU! You’re like ten!” And he was talking about how I probably wasn’t even born yet and I was just laughing like “GEEZ IM 13!” And he then dedicated the song to me. Not to mention House Of Heroes came out and started playing MxPx songs with him!

And then five iron frenzy came out and started being the coolest band ever. AND THE CROWD MAN! BEST CROWD EVER! There was an awesome mosh pit and everything. And nobody was rude about walking in your way and shoving you and stepping on you.

Then somebody threw a blue comb up there (what was that all about?) and Reese picked it up and said “IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!” And started grooming himself.

Not to mention the way Reese danced just made me happy. The whole thing just made me REALLY happy.

And there was a guy dressed like a time lord and he had a sonic screwdriver and all that. Which I think is a little weird for a concert but whatever to each their own.